e-book: Ancient Egyptian Games

by Vincent on March 14, 2011

I’ve put together a small e-book called Ancient Egyptian Games and I thought would be worth writing about it here as an introduction to e-books. The book covers the main ancient Egyptian board games like the popular backgammon-like Senet, to the lesser known Aseb. The ancient texts and remaining artefacts are investigated to help provide an understanding of the historical and mythological background to each of these ancient games and how they relate to modern games.

Some of the features and benefits of e-books include the ease of which the book can be searched and notes added to any section of text. The following two sequences of screenshots show how e-books operate on the iPhone using the Apple iBooks app.

Here a search for the word “square” is carried out by first pressing on the word to select it, then choosing “search”. The results show where the word “square” appears in the book:

Search the book with the press of a finger
You’ll notice in the middle screenshot above that several other options are provided after selecting a section of text. You can also copy the text, look up the meaning of a word in the dictionary, highlight the word, or add a note in the e-book.

Make notes and leave bookmarks for later reference
Bookmarks can also be put on pages to keep your place. The bookmarks and notes that you’ve made appear next to the Table of Contents, accessible from any page. Font size and brightness can be easily increased and decreased and you can even choose white or sepia colored pages.

Here’s a screenshot of the top two shelves of my Egyptology bookscase in iBooks:

ibooks bookshelf

The Ancient Egyptian Games e-book gives an understanding of the rules and game play of each of the ancient Egyptian games. Included at the end of the book are links to some great iphone apps, books and games.

Ancient Egyptian Games uses content released under a Creative Commons license and is itself released under Creative Commons By Share Alike (CC By SA) license. This license allows anyone to reuse any part of the book as long as the conditions of the license are followed. In this case, CC By SA means that you are free to share and remix the content as long as you attribute the author and release your own use of the work under the same license. The image used to create the cover of the e-book, for example, was from a photograph taken by ataraxis and released under a CC By license.

The Ancient Egyptian Games e-book is published in the popular ebook format, epub and is available at the Ancient Egyptian Games e-books Store. The iBooks iPhone app can also be downloaded for free from the Talking Pyramids e-books store.

If you don’t have a mobile device you can still read the books on your computer, you just need an e-book reader. I personally use and recommend Sony’s e-book reader, a free download from their website.

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