iPhone App: Britannica Kids: Ancient Egypt

by Vincent on February 5, 2011

Here is an iPhone App that will be very helpful with those school assignments. There is a lot in this little app with puzzles and games with Twitter and Facebook built in.

Ancient Egypt is the perfect app for exploring the secrets of hieroglyphics, mummification, the Pyramids, Tutankhamen, Cleopatra, and other popular Egyptian topics. Learn and play at the same time through a variety of games like Memory Match, Jigsaw Puzzles, and the Magic Square among others. Learning has never been more fun with this interactive and educational app that is based on school curriculum.

And as it’s from Britannica you can be sure it’s appropriate and safe for the whole family. Ideal for homework help, the app features:

Exclusive Encyclopædia Britannica curriculum-based features written specifically for ages 8-12. Coverage of the topic includes:

  • The Ancient Egyptian World
  • Dynasties of Egypt
  • The River Nile
  • Gods and the Afterlife
  • Writing
  • Everyday life
  • Egyptian Gods (featuring 14 of the most prominent Gods )

Then the fun starts:

  • Map – With this amazing tool you can locate where you are anywhere in the world. Want to see the Pyramids? It’s easy with our map tool, and use the zoom feature to see one of the largest structures ever built up close and personal!
  • Jigsaw Puzzles, created from amazing graphics of ancient Egypt. Break apart the puzzle and have some fun by shaking your device and then sliding the pieces back into place to complete the puzzle – it’s not as easy as it looks!
  • Scramble images of ancient Egypt in The Magic Square game by shaking your device. Challenge yourself by re-arranging the squares to unscramble the image.
  • Brush off – brush the layers to reveal images of ancient Egypt and then try to guess what it is – how many can you answer correctly?
  • Test your knowledge on ancient Egypt with the Quiz feature – how much have you learned? But hurry: you must answer quickly as the quiz is timed!
  • Test your memory with the popular Memory Match game and match up the pairs!
  • You can also Tweet your answers or post a link to Facebook.

Download the app by clicking on the App Store icon below:

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