Make Your Own Game of Senet

by Vincent on March 12, 2011

In the previous post here on Ancient Egyptian Games we looked at the ancient Egyptian game of Senet for the iPhone.

This time I am going to help you build you very own senet game board, a replica of the senet game that was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen.

Simply print out this template and building your own senet board with this free downloadable template:

Here is a poster of the original Tutankhamun’s senet board:

Some people have made their own boards:

Photo by Ancient Game Cupboard, all rights reserved.

There are even some big out door Senet boards:

Photo by Raymond Yee, all rights reserved.

If you can’t be bothered making one but would still like to play on a physical senet game board then you can purchase one from the Talking Pyramids Games Store:



A scene from Old Kingdom tomb of Pepi-ankh at Meir (2300 BC) shows two people playing senet. Above each player is written their comments to each other. Player one says:

“It has alighted. Be happy my heart,
for I shall cause you to see it taken away.”

Player two responds:

“You speak as one weak of tongue,
for passing is mine.”

5 Responses to “Make Your Own Game of Senet”

  • roisin says:

    I really like the picture of the game so i would like people to have a try of it.So bye bye for now!!!

  • iamhere says:

    When I went to the download site, There was nothing that said “download the senet game here.” All the buttons were for damned ads.

    • Vincent says:

      Which download are you referring to iamhere? I’ve just tried them out and the links to download the paper game and the iphone game, and the wooden senet game are all working for me.

  • iamhere says:

    The site to download the model senet board. I went there, it was trying to FIND the link to download it. However, I finally found it. A small, dinky line of words.

  • Vincent says:

    Yes, I can see how that could be misleading. Thanks for your feedback.

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